The Project

RECOIL – RECovered waste cooking OIL for combined heat and power production

Project objectives:

The RECOIL project aims at the energy revaluation of Waste Cooking Oil (WCO) in order to solve the problem of its disposal, creating a network for its collection and reducing its spread into the environment and in order to exploit its energy great potential.

After the collection and storage, the cycle ends with a mechanical treatment (without thermo-chemical process, such as the conversion into biodiesel) of the oil to remove impurities (food waste, water, etc...); the purified oil will be used as fuel for an internal combustion engine in a combined heat and power plant.

In order to achieve its goals the project intend to plan, develop, test and optimize the phases of WCO collecting , WCO division into different composition clusters, and the storage facility.

The main project specific objectives are:

1. Creation of an optimized door to door chain to collect waste cooking oil

2. Development of a software for the traceability and monitoring of the WCO collection and storage chain

3. Rehabilitation of a waste into a tested fuel through a low emission process, eliminating chemical conversion processes

4. Public awareness raising on waste cooking oil recovery and environmental impact caused by its dispersion

5. New jobs creation for the processes of WCO collection and treatment

6. Training of municipalities technicians on how to create a successful WCO collection and storage system to replicate the RECOIL project

7. Production of clean energy (electricity and heat), reducing CO2 emissions, in the CHP power plant